Bruce L. Vinal Jr.

Aerial perspectives has an extensive database of aerial photos taken in The New England area with an emphasis on central/Eastern Massachusetts.If you don't see the photo you want, let us know what your looking for and we'll search our files. If we don't have the photo, you still have some options. If your not in a hurry we can put the site on a "secondary location" list and if we're flying in the area we'll shoot the location and post the photos here for purchase. If you need the photos right away e-mail us for a quote. Send us the address and we'll do our best to accommodate your request

Have an airport or aircraft you'd like us to photograph? Let us know in the "Guestbook" section, We spend a lot of time at various airports around New England and are always looking for unique new locations and airplanes to shoot. Send us the FAA identifier for airports and the "N" number and location for aircraft. We'll do our best to get the shots and post them here for sale

NOTE: The cameras we use take photos in a 4x6 format therefore 4x6, 8x12, 16x24 etc. require no cropping. While we try to allow room for cropping when something other than these sizes is desired, you should check your photo carefully before purchasing to ensure an important piece of the photo has not been cut out.



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