About the photographer

  Bruce L. Vinal Jr.

Bruce  has had a passion for both photography and aviation since the early 1970's. Bruce would frequently ride his bike from his home in Acton Ma. to Minuteman Airfield in Stow to watch the airplanes take off and land. When he  received a film developing kit as a gift the families bathroom was quickly turned into a makeshift darkroom.
  Today his Father, Bruce Sr. and his Son, Bruce III are both fixed wing pilots and he  is a student helicopter pilot. Through close relationships developed over the years with pilots in the airshow industry as well as the Military Bruce has had the opportunity to fly in and photograph a wide variety of aircraft.
  With friends and family having served our country in WWII, Bruce is particularly interested in photographing Warbirds. Capturing images of these National Treasures on the ground, or in the air whenever possible, for future generations. 

 Bruce's photos and writing has been featured in several aviation publications including - The Atlantic Flyer, Sport Aviation, Smithsonian Air and Space On Line and Siivet Wings Magazine including two cover shots.    Contact Bruce

Bruce In His Element

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