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It All Started With a Red Balloon......

In 2005 Bruce Vinal Jr. fabricated a remote control camera gimbal, hung it under a big red balloon and Aerial Perspectives was born. While we did learn a great deal about the business from the balloon it proved to be unstable and not well suited to capturing high quality images. The balloon has long been retired but we still fondly use it's likeness in our logo.  

Today our primary photo platform is the helicopter, hovering over the site doors off with a high resolution Nikon DSLR. The bulk of our clients are Realtors because aerial photography lends itself so well to the industry. Since most high end homes are secluded by design and don't get to show off their "Curb appeal" aerial photos are the perfect solution.   

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What's The Cost??

High quality products and service at a reasonable price has been our philosophy from day one and has served us well over the years. Repeat customers and referrals make up a large percentage of our clients, it's something we're very proud of. 

We work hard to make a living and we know you do too that's why we treat our clients the way we would expect to be treated. Since the biggest expense with shooting from a helicopter is the travel to and from the location of the shoot we offer a group discount for homes in the same general area. We have a large client base and when we're contacted to book a flight we send out a mass email to our regulars and can typically find someone to share the expense.Depending on the location of your listing and the number of agents booked on the flight, the cost per site is somewhere between $350 and $500. That number includes the helicopter, pilot, photographer and images delivered electronically via download from this site.  We don't charge  extra for a multimillion dollar home, our costs are the same so yours should be too!  In addition to the helicopter we do have some low altitude options that fit into a smaller budget.

Contact us today to see just how affordable aerials of you site can be

Bruce Vinal Jr. : Lead Photographer

 Email: vinal228@comcast.net

 Cell: (978) 337-5396

50' Telescopic Mast

  • Sitting On Top Of The 50' Mast Is A Radio Controlled High Resolution Nikon Digital Camera

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